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  1. Yes
  2. lol no im new to friend recommend it and its amazing Ichigos bankai is so fast!
    and "hey nice to meet a fellow asian lol!"
  3. Mastermind007
    British Indian, why?
  4. Ahhhh there was another bengali on here I kneww, Adonis lol hes off tsr now I think though lol
    Hahah ahh my mum started watching star plus cause it was free LOL typical gujarati she did pay for it eventually when you had to pay though hahaha
    Yeah I'm at uni I do accounting and finance first year what about you? And thanks looool some of the questions I get on there are well wierd though!! lol
  5. Hello!
  6. lucky for you i have calmed down

    so im guessing you would have a ******* with marrying one? anyone back home is a no no? :lol:

    nah i think they've discovered other foot wear :yep:

    thankgod :ninja:
  7. they are people you know! :hmmm:

    if hes a good guy then hes a good guy :dontknow: lool

    ahh have fun with that
    yeh course, if i remember :lol:
    tc x
  8. :lol: its hilarious, esp when it falls off the table towards the end hahaha

    I just tried youtubing but no luck :sad:

    On the other hand I love this :lol: I had it in my sig before but it got removed and I got 2 warning points :cry2:

    Btw it has swearing, I better not get in trouble for posting this. Dlt it after!
  9. LOLOL WTF?! Name one

    I've chirpsed noone, I aint ask one to marry me either

    Go on dig through my history bet they've chrisped me first :rofl:
  10. init, even when you drown it in the salan thing, its still dry :lolwut:

    well i can 'fully cook' i suppose, i mean all curries have the same base going on, soo its all good :yep: i just avoid it, cuz its long :erm:

    lol oh well nvm, all i have to do is slip something in his rice and woo im free

    :lol: naah im too nice for that

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