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  1. Oh bugger off. For someone who has a picture of Margaret Thatcher, I would have credited you with having more intelligence than you demonstrated on my thread. Obama is both a socialist and a Muslim.
  2. Stop getting a boner over thatcher
  3. Totally agree, im a huge admirer of her as well.
    Really wanted to visit London on the 4th of july , but found out too late one had to have tickets. And MT wasnt there either , sadly
  4. hi, saw your avatar, are you a huge fan of Lady T ?
  5. I have sent you a private message responding to your last comment, as the response is too long for your visiting box.
  6. It is also important to mention that Cuba has not ‘turned its back on Socialism or Communism’. Cuba has been forced to embrace certain economic reforms in order to sustain itself. As I said, we live in a profit-driven world where the market largely dictates what happens to countries. Cuba cannot survive building Socialism alone, when there are not enough countries trying to build a genuine model of Socialism.
  7. It is in an attempt to build Socialism. But it cannot if the revolution is not spread and a number of societies are working together to achieve it. We live in a profit-driven world, which makes for societies, especially poor in resource societies such as Cuba, so much harder as they eventually will be forced to import and export.

    Socialism is different to Communism. Socialism is where the means of production is democratic controlled by the people, and where production is distributed according to need rather than for the profit of the individual. However, a state very much exists.

    In Communism, money is also abolished, or perhaps even so in Socialism. But more importantly, the state is abolished and society is governed via people’s councils. It would take many years to achieve Communism, as to achieve it; all countries need to be Socialist.
  8. Cuba was never Communist - nor did it ever claim to be. It just shows how little you know and how much your opinion is of value.
  9. No. Wrong on both counts.
  10. I really do not understand why people like Thatcher so much.
    Care to enlighten me?

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