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  1. Haha, small world. No I'm not him, but we went to primary school together. We were pretty tight, but I haven't seen him in years, unfortunately.
  2. Do you know Yonatan Lee? Just turned 20, went to Christ College Finchley?
  3. haha thanks! i sort of wasn't serious, but it's something i'd love do in the future
  4. Your motorbike tour looks awesome. I want to do one. Need to learn to ride a motorbike first, but that's just a tiny hurdle.
  5. Got 5 left - bioloyg Phy5 C3 C4 and Chem5
    Did they go ok ?
  6. Nothing against you, not really read your posts, but your friend had a little go at me, and then had the audacity to sit there spamming. You at least contributed to the debate as far as I can tell .
  7. The wonders of the internet.

    And yes, brilliant choice of sig.
  8. futuredoc77
    Thank you for the rep :flutter:
  9. woah your sig is immense, how do you get it to change each tine?
  10. HI from Ukraine! My name is Maryna and I`m only 14. I interest in British culture!!! I hope, that in the future I`ll travel to Great Bretain! I find friends in UK! I hope that you will want be the first! Please write me soon...I`ll be very happy, if you write to me. I`ll wait your messages! Best wishes from Ukraine Maryna

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