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  1. Eeek! What's the exam?

    Ah, I'm not working again till Saturday I only do one day a week, since they don't need volunteers to work a lot. Whereabouts in York are you living?

    It is pretty awesome to be able to drive. Today was only the third time I'd been out on my own - I passed my test at Easter but didn't start driving again properly until after the summer term and our holiday to America. Such independence! It's great

    I guess I'm just used to screens... probably not a good thing :erm: I've not seen the original Planet of the Apes... but the reviews for this one have been good and I love the cinema so I shall go quite willingly ^_^ Michael Caine is a legend, can't deny that.

    I'm not sure... it'd probably be easier to do something when we all move back in properly. I'm not one for big social gatherings anyway, since I'm so socially retarded I don't know why I say movie instead of film... it's just a nicer word, I think
  2. Not got any plans for my birthday at all actually... when I was a kid I used to love having a birthday in the summer holidays because I didn't have to go to school, but I have since realised it's crap because your friends are usually scattered across the country/globe and no-one is around to celebrate. So it'll probably just be a movie with the family, because I'm so cool

    (I think I should take this constant exceeding of the character limits as an indication that I talk too much... :erm:)
  3. Aww, revision is most sucky. Was it worth it in the end though?

    No, I'm at the National Railway Museum I'm not a railway nerd by any means but god, I love that place! I'm actually going to apply for a second volunteer position tomorrow ^_^ It's free admission, you should come visit

    My school friends mainly meet up in Pickering, where I live, and I'm only a 45-minute drive from York where most of my close uni friends are, so now I can drive it's easy to get there. I spent the day there today actually

    Mainly Harry Potter, actually My sister and I had an HP marathon where we watched all 7 of the films on DVD and then went to see DH Pt 2 for the second time. On Tuesday we're off to see Planet of the Apes, then hopefully Super 8 soon, which I'm dying to see! I've heard bad things about Cars 2 but I want to see it anyway... my loyalty to Pixar is undying
  4. Hey Any reason for the delay in replying?

    I'm having a pretty good summer so far, done three days' work at the museum so far and am really enjoying it Plus I've had school reunions and have been visiting school friends and uni friends, and going to the movies and shopping and things. Plus it's my birthday in a couple of weeks ^_^
  5. Lol
  6. oh you know sorry its been too long i've forgotten it myself. anyway i will quote it to you right when i see it.sorry.
  7. hello i did not quite understand the meaning of your current message.can you make it alttle clearer?
  8. :lolwut: WHAT???????????????????????????? ???? :zomg:

    Well check out your rep! I can say that it may work from time to time. If you know who to rep like me :teehee: You tend to get a lot of rep back! So think about it if you get what I mean :sly:

    Thanks anyway man! :gthumb:

    Hey what do you study!
  9. Hi! You gave me a Positive rep!


    But why? :lolwut:
  10. Utilise the option to hide them if it offends you.

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