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  1. ibysaiyan
    Ana tamam, wa anti kaifek ?
  2. same tho my academic commitments have been lacking ever so slightly :erm: ana bekharin, kaifa haluka?
  3. :hi: arabic teacher kaha ghum ho ghai ho?
  4. No worries, good luck with your assignment :work: & on the assignment front you're not the only one...due to a timetabling problem currently surrounded by people with 9am deadlines & no work :giggle:
  5. Hey ibys :cute: realised I didn't finish replying to you last time we spoke :o:

    Currently in QM we're doing Schrodinger, schrodinger & more schrodinger :laugh: so lots on wavefunctions; haven't got to eigenvectors yet, just the way the course works...that may or may not be next term (haven't looked further ahead than my miderms tbh :o:)...but I'm really enjoying the stuff we're on. Trying to apply for summer internships at the moment, scary stuff, but really hoping I get a placement somewhere

    My modules this year are double labs, quantum physics, electromagnetics + optics, atomic + nuclear physics, math, medical physics & the multiwave universe + exoplanets (guess what I'm most looking forward to :o:)...2nd year is definitely more interesting than 1st year was, even if electromagnetics is continuing to bore me to death :sleep: I know it's necessary, and in practise it can be fun...but don't think I'll ever enjoy electromagnetics in the classroom :no:

    How's your course going at the moment? do you guys get midterms? :hmmmm: if so how do you think they went/are going to go?
  6. ha, you look way older than that
  7. ha, guarding your age eh?
  8. no sorry, just admiring your lifts, how old're you?
    been lifting long?
  9. That's physics for you :laugh: glad to hear you're enjoying it...very jealous of your set of the feynman lectures by the way!

    Second year's starting off well, trying to wade through my quantum homework right now...have returned to a department that's even more disorganised than last year :erm: but my modules are all really interesting so far :yep:

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    My whole free time consists of TSR and Find me active around here only
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