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  1. boo you!
  2. Thanks for the friend request :hugs: good to see you back, how are things?

  3. Hmm on the trig proofs i divided by cos theta, and ended up pretty much the same.
  4. Hey what did you get on that part 1 log question, something to do with k?

    I remember having k^1 on the RHS at the end?
  5. how so? I watched up to episode 30, it didn't feel like the old DBZ they cut out a lot of the fight scenes and made the series shorter in all so it lost it's appeal imo.
  6. Vegeta, his swagger is Ard
  7. sup?

    noticed you like Dragonball Z have you been watching the new Kai series by any chance?
  8. 4chan link :facepalm2:

    I'm doing good, how are you man?? inbox me with the Jan info!
  9. Hey man I remember you form the OCR biology thread form ages ago. How you been???
  10. Ibys :poke: not seen you about since the upgrade/in a while, how've you been?

    Also there's advertising on your wall, how rude of them :erm:

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    Is there a purpose to life, does it end at someones death ?
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    On a gay[P] year.

    I have traveled across the dead sea, Caspian sea and the mediterranean for a noble promise.
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    Weight Lifting,web. administration,Fairies <3
    Biology,Quantum physics,Theory of relativity,Star formation,nuclear physics,thermodynamics.Anything physics related and of course a theological debate.

    My whole free time consists of TSR and Find me active around here only
    Current aim: 400LBS BENCH PRESS...
    <3 vocal trance..

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