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  2. hi, can you please help me. i have an interview in derby university for diagnostic radiography on tuesday. i am going in through clearing. can u please inform me what the interview is like? all 3 aspects of it? many thanx
  3. Haha it's a good room, you'll be sharing with 4 others, last year we found the flats was made up of 3 girls and 2 lads, not sure if it'll be the same. Yes I only knew one of my flat mates before starting, the others I only met when they turned up.
  4. Haha trust me you'll have an amazing time, it's a great place to meet people, everyone in the block got on really well! Yes you need your basic pans, cutlery, plates, cups, mugs, chopping board etc. The one that everyone seems to forget are clothes hangers, when I moved in we weren't supplied with them so you'll need some of them. A door stop is also a good one, as you'll find that your door will be open for the majority of the time. Small things like playing cards are always good just for drinking games and stuff, also if you have a tv, personally I'd take it, there's some evenings when you finish uni where you just want to crash, and the place was always safe as far as I know and nothing ever got stolen (providing a bit of common sense on your behalf). As for the bedding my mattress wasn't the best (room 2) so I took an extra single duvet and put that on top of the mattress then took a sheet in over it to make it a little more comfortable. A bath mat is also quite useful, I never had one and just used one of my towels to stand on. I can't really think of anything else but if there's anything you want to know drop me a message on here or you can find me on facebook- Chris Smithson-Connelly.


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