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  1. That's quite some time. I started about 4 months ago - really wish I 'discovered' it earlier: much faster than walking and very economical. Do you do casual (just getting around places) or other types of biking?
  2. Hey mate, how long have you been cycling?
  3. Yeah haha, I can imagine the rain not being all that great. Certainly made for some nice pictures though. I'm following you on flickr now, can't wait to see more!
  4. Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun . I hope you do get the chance too
  5. Just saw the BTCC ones, they look amazing! Seriously great snaps dude! What camera/lens('s) do you use?
  6. Fantastic, I'll keep an eye out then
  7. For some reason, I only just noticed that Flickr link in your sig. It's incredible, those are some stunning shots! Particularly jealous of the goodwood(?) and TC shots . But seriously great stuff man!
  8. Funnily enough, I actually thought that TC 5 is much better than TC0 or something, despite the fact that you would normally think it would give you stability. The truth be told is that you can control exactly when your car goes on full throttle out of a corner without the TC holding the power back. You need to be more careful with the gas, yes, but you will achieve better lap times if you just hook up a good lap, it will most probably be faster than the 2.24:7 that you did.

    Therefore I would recommend you go on TC0
  9. What's your tc setting? You should always have it at 0 or 1. All the fast laps set by others were done with that TC.

    Mine is 2: 19 :9(something) , but I don't think I can go much faster. It's hard to hook up all the apexes on a single lap.

    F1addict did a lap time of 2: 19 :4 which is ****ing quick.

    Just keep putting in more laps and the times will fall.
  10. Did you manage to set a time yet on GT Academy?

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