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  1. Yeah I didn't like her in the other one, but she seems a lot cooler in this one. Still think he could have hired someone better looking. Can't wait for it!
  2. Not going to lie, I got a semi watching The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3 :awesome:
  3. A sequel for The Avengers? I think so, they said they were making Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and The Avengers after that, so it'll be at least 2-3 years. Haven't watched Green Lantern, it looked so **** so I didn't bother. There's a new DC animated called Flashpoint in the works. Not a massive fan of the Flash so I may not even watch it.
  4. They said that completing the game with New game plus, side missions and riddler trophies would take over 40 hours to do as well :wtf:
  5. Aye, it's seriously weird why they're releasing it 3 months after the US/Canada. Will you buy the story DLC? It's around 2 hours of added content (so most likely about 45 minutes extra, they claimed the main story would be over 20 hours long :lolwut:) for $10 or 800 Xbox live points, are they taking the piss?! Once your exams are done, go watch it, it's so good. Stay til the end of the credits though, there's a bonus scene so to speak.
  6. Saw the Avengers on Thursday. Absolutely amazing- have you seen it yet?
  7. The Avengers is out next week :teeth: Also, story DLC for Arkham City coming soon :excited:
  8. You need to update your wordpress The about page on it and the header picture
  9. Hi, Mess. My name is Phil and I am currently learning to drive in Liverpool, send me an inbox message if you want some details

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