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  1. Fresher's week was awesome. I had a great time.

    Also met your wife, I gave her a hug "from you", just to give you a heads-up if she says thanks or whatever. I just fancied making her think you were sweet. You're welcome.

    She also called you her GBFF (quickly corrected that you were bi and said you hated her calling you that), I told her to hook us up.
  2. Couple of ones caught my eye, sports stuff (I'm counting it in the same category as Socs , are there medic teams for the likes of football?), some of the game socs sound like fun, paintball, wilderness medicine sounds pretty cool, Teddy Bear Hospital, maybe some of the other medic socs? Who knows.

    No doubt I'll be able to find a bunch of bronies throughout Edinburgh, I'll count that as a soc (actually have a brony meet-up in Edinburgh this Saturday).

    Thanks for all the info!
  3. So what stuff do they put up on the EEMeC? Does it depend on the lecturer, or do they just put up all the slides? Pre or post lecture?

    I haven't even looked at the fresher's week stuff, tbh. Looked at the socs though, Edinburgh doesn't have as many cool ones as Glasgow does.

    How do SSCs work? Do you get a bunch of subjects to choose from, or do you come up with your own?

    I suppose I will get Facebook. Will feel a bit awkward being that guy with nothing on his, though.
  4. Back again to annoy you.

    EEMeC: Lecture notes and the like - how do?
    Speaking of which, though, I've been able to get my PBL group and lecture notes and stuff. If only I had Facebook, I could stalk my classmates.

    Fresher's week: Any medic specific events you suggest I check out? I've yet to check details for the pub crawl and stuff, but I'll get around to it.
  5. My Little Pony. I'm a fan of the show, it has a very large teenage/adult male following

    Yeah, that was her. I thought she was really good, liked the song, there were iffy parts but I loved what she tried to do. Obviously needs refining, but great for someone who's not a pro. I thought. Only 1 of 2 X factor auditions I've seen this year. Her and some IT support technician who likened himself to Olly Murs, and then couldn't sing. Poor guy.
  6. "What else were you expecting? ... to sing arias?"

    The only reason I know the meaning of the word aria. :pierre:

    Since you're an X factor fan, too...did you see that Lucy Spraggan's X factor audition? It's exploding on the internet.
  7. There was one attempted murder, but they decided to let it slide since he had it coming.

    I don't understand the meaning of the term "work ethic".
  8. Good news is, one stage is done. Disclosure Scotland got the stuff through, so I can firm the offer at 5pm today.

    ABB, not too fussed.
  9. Well that's me thinking worst case scenario. It's probably more about 60-80 minutes: 40-50 minute train, 20-30 minute walk. I'm from Shotts, shove it into google maps. It's a tiny village not too far from Glasgow.

    I'm not too fussed about genre, either. I just know electronic is where my preferences lie. There are of course outliers that I love. <3

    I'm just trying to find ways to stop me from going insane while I wait for **** to be done. Wait for SAAS to get my award's notice out, wait for Edinburgh/Disclosure Scotland to hurry up so I can firm the offer, then wait for term to start. I'm also still waiting for my bloody bank card.
    Yeah. I don't do well when I'm out of control.
  10. There always comes a time of year where I'll be on YouTube and get lost in the highlights from that year's X factor, tbh. I'm not entertained by watching people sing, so only watch jawdroppers or the hilarious failures when that time comes.

    I'm really into electronic music, and no one ever classes that as good taste.

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    Where I study
    Edinburgh University
    Student, traveller, writer. (Not that any of those can legitimately be called a 'job'.)
    Bicycle--I mean, sexual.
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    About me
    Academic Info
    Year of Entry: 2011
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: N/A
    Standard Grades Int2s (Scottish applicants): 1111 AAAAA
    Higher grades (Scottish applicants): A1 English A1 Maths A1 Chemistry A1 Physics A1 Biology A1 Mandarin
    Advanced Higher grades: A2 Physics A2 Biology A2 Chemistry A1 English
    UKCAT (if applicable): Avg 705
    BMAT (if applicable): Forgotten. Some 5s? Some 6s? :rofl: Too low for Oxford anyways.
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks shadowing cardiovascular surgery abroad.
    1 week various rotations in Edinburgh hospitals (saw various wards and specialties)
    A couple days at a GP
    1 week volunteering at a Hospice
    About four months as a peer supporter (for the lower years)
    4 months volunteering at an old folks' home
    4 months volunteering at a psych ward for elderly woman patients
    4 months mentoring a kid with an underprivileged background
    Extra Curricular:
    Not EC, but couple school awards
    MUN &amp; Debating/Edinburgh Youth Parliament
    Creative Writing: won a national competition, twice in a row, and general book-writing shizzle including being published in an anthology!
    Fencing &amp; skiing
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Oxford: Pre-interview REJECTION
    Edinburgh: OFFER: Firmed
    St Andrews: OFFER: Declined
    Aberdeen: OFFER: Declined

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