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  1. But isn't it flawed to guess or assume more about someone based on their looks? :ahee: People wont know anything else.
  2. You should put more pics up. :mmm:
  3. Translation:

    It isn't flawed because plenty of girls who look like you study English Literature.

    Is chavlish that hard to understand?
  4. maybe i should talk like dis innit!

    nah fam it aint flawed cos bare chicks dat look like you study english lit you get me?

  5. How would you guess that when you don't know what I look like? :hmmm:

    You're wrong anyway.
  6. By looking at your pictures. You just look English Literature-ry. :ahee:

    The one with the red dress though.. :sexface:
  7. Ah okay. You look like an English/Literature student. :p:
  8. vintage fair??? :mmm: that sounds so dreamy! sadly i've never had the chance to attend one as such though i'd love to!
  9. hey thankyou so much! i love love love it too!, its like an obsession :eek: i swear i can google vintage stuffs all day it's what i do :ahee:
  10. Why you cook for your tutors? :eek:

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  • About Goody2Shoes-x

    Call me Eevee.
    Where I study
    Birmingham City University
    Administrative assistant for the Ministry of Justice
    Star Sign
    About me
    Here is where I'm meant to say something witty and clever about myself... but I couldn't. So I made this obnoxiously long profile instead.

    I'm an agnostic student Midwife who loves liberal politics, floral tea dresses, vintage fashion, Rose wine, baking cakes, Swan Lake, cheerleading, bellydancing, Eevee, the Tudors, writing fiction, reading classical books and watching really crappy daytime TV.

    I am currently living in Birmingham, working on a gap year before rejoining my second year (hopefully).

    I like to meet new people and chat - feel free to talk at any time. =)

    I am prone to random moments of stupidity... that's the cue for my boyfriend and friends to laugh hysterically and point it out. Woops! I like to think of it as comedy gold... they like to point out it's actually ditziness.

    I strive to help others and not judge, difficult at times, but at least effort is being made, which is always nice.

    I can be a little crazy, but once you get to know me you'll see I'm a total mother hen type - which isn't always a good thing but hey ho! I love Anne Boleyn. I know that's weird but... ah well.

    My eclectic fashion sense is important to me - as is nurturing my creative side with random scribbles, pictures and stuff. I write fan fiction, which probably says it all.

    And I may be a bit over obssessed with Matt Smith as Dr. Who... woops.

    Drop me a line folks, I don't bite.
    Academic Info

    English Literature - A*.
    English Language - A.
    French - A.
    Religous Education: A.
    Media Studies - A.
    Mathematics - B.
    Science - B.
    Welsh - C.
    Information Technology - C.
    Science (B) - C.
    Music - D.

    AS/A Levels:

    Media Studies (AS Level) - C.
    English Language/Literature (A Level) - B.
    Sociology (A Level) - B.
    Psychology (A Level) - D.
    Dancing (terribly).
    Watching, and acting in musicals (and I have a not-so-secret Shakespeare love).
    Reading anything.
    Writing fiction.
    Talking constantly!
    The Tudor period.
    Playing computer games.
    Listening to music (new and old).
    Going out.
    Staying in.
    Looking at old photos and thinking WHY?!
    Travelling (and getting sunburnt).
    Sitting in pubs, having a chat with friends over good food and cheap wine.
    Sitting in bookshops playing the: if I had extra strong bookshelves and a million quid to spare... game.
    Oohing at really grand buildings.
    Fangirling over random stuff.
    Being in love.
    Mwa ha ha ha etc.

    Peace out.

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