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  1. Hi! It's been a while... how's Warwick going for you?
  2. How's the application going (gone?) now then?
  3. Have added you Now you ought to delete that - for "safety" reasons...
  4. Oh, but surely you can work out which modules I'm doing this year? After all, I've told you what I've done, and what I'll have finished by the end of the year...
    Alright, its: S3, S4, M3 and M4
  5. Actually - I could go on MSN, despite having no computer of my own. I have my own ipod, and I've discovered a wonderful site called, that lets you use MSN in your browser
  6. Um... you could add me on MSN but I am never ever on...
    Funny that - I suppose its another case of "great minds think alike"
  7. Aha, I see. Hmm. Well, overall, I'll have done C1-4, FP1-3, M1-4, S1-4, D1-2, NM and DE. Of course, and person who can count would tell me that's 19 modules - and yes, you're right, it is. I thought I'd take an extra one to maximise my chances of that A*.
    Well - take out the obvious ones first (e.g. if you really want to be close to lectures you're first move would be to take out Girton) After that, draw up a table, tick the boxes if it satisfies whatever condition you set, and count the ticks at the end
    On a different note, what popular maths book things have you read, if any?
  8. What do you mean by "What modules are you doing overall?"
    C'mon, you must have something that's important to you... Location? Prettiness? Food? Size? Good sport/music/art/drama scene? How old the college is? Reputation of college? 24 hour library? Cheaper accomodation? There must be something...
  9. Pretty similar, really. My pure modules (C1-4, FP1-3) all all 98 or above... with the exception of Core 2 which came back as 79 :rolleyes: M1 and M2 are around the 90 mark. D1: 97, D2: 80, DE: 87, NM: 76 () Stats modules are pretty bad too - 79 for S1 and 82 for S2...
    Yup, I'll have seven by the end of this year I've done Maths, FM, Physics, Bio and English - and I'll add additional FM and Chem to that list by the end of the year. However, having 7 A-levels is even less of an indicator of intelligence than doing maths so early, I'd say
    Choosing a college took me ages... I cut down to a list of about 5 really quickly; I think it consisted of Magdalene, Corpus, Pembroke, Jesus and either Sidney or Sussex. After that, it got really difficult.
    What kind of criteria's important to you for choosing a college?
  10. Well... I have no idea what your UMS are like of course, but you do have A*s, and that's definitely something. As for my UMS - there's some good ones in there and some very dodgy looking ones.
    I'm doing A2 Additional FM and AS+A2 Chemistry - that's it. I think 7 A-levels is a good place to stop, don't you
    I have indeed chosen a college - I'm going for Magdalene :love: Close call between Magdalene and Corpus Christi - in the end, I went for Magdalene as it had a nicer name, and because Corpus was just that little too small (not just in terms of number of students, but also the actual size of the college grounds).
    You must have some sort of idea which college you'd like to go to? At least you should have ruled out some by now? If you're really stuck, you could always put in an open application.

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