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  1. lol nah, I decided not to stay in HK - also a very last minute decision! i'm not too good at making decisions like these I had to leave in pretty much a rush and I totally miss hong kong right now But I'm in edinburgh right now, in fact just about to leave the flat for my morning lectures...sad times
  2. Hi! Looks like you're reapplying this year! (not that I'm stalking you or anything :P)

    If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them! Or if you only want a general chat regarding any med school things, TALK TO ME

    Best of luck with your apps!
  3. i've firmed ed and put sheff as my insurance. So you're going to KCL? that's great (provided that your school messed your PGs up)!!

    but i'm STILL having interviews...for hong kong med schools - just when you thought u're done with IB and the interview prep comes straight away...

    met my offer in the end, so couldn't ask for anything more
  4. just withdrew from king's, since I can't attend the interview (too close to exams, what a nerd I am :P). But luckily UCAS is finished for me! now the HK ones fact I have an interview in exactly 12 hours!

    dw too much about the bad news! focus on the exams...which are only 3 weeks away...:eek:
  5. yeah, I am very fortunate to have an offer. Saw your post on the thread, dw about it too much! :console: got everything crossed for the rest of your app
  6. yeah, I know who she is! hahaa. best of luck, got everything crossed for you. I've already heard back on Friday - I know how horrible the wait is!!
  7. napping is totally an IB student thing to do...I see seniors just dozing off everywhere, on the bus, in classrooms...haha. I'm studying at south island, just to answer ur question

    my panic attacks are all gone now I'm just impatiently waiting for a decision from E' about ur other unis, heard back yet? I've basically given up on KCL, since they haven't contacted me since the acknowledgement
  8. hi.
    love you <3
  9. yeah, it wouldn't be too nice if the edinburgh thread turned into 'wavezone113 and snooopp's chat thread 2011'

    I've applied to Edinburgh, Sheffield, Manchester and King's. I better put it on the stalking wiki How about yourself?

    I'm gonna go for a nap soon and try to wake up at 2am..which i doubt is very unlikely to happen hahaa

About Me

  • About wavezone113

    Where I study
    Hong Kong all my life!
    Gap year student.
    About me
    2011 UCAS cycle:
    UCAS Extra: KCL, Biomedical sciences, Offer (May) - IB36, HL5,5 [/spoiler]
    2012 UCAS cycle:
    UCL, Medicine, Acknowledged, Rejection - 07/01/12
    KCL, Medicine, Acknowledged, Interview - 09/01/12, Rejection
    Edinburgh, Medicine, Acknolwedged
    Nottingham, Medicine, Acknolwedged, Rejection - 02/12
    Edinburgh, Medical Sciences, Offer
    UCL, Neuroscience, Rejection
    UCL, Biomedical Science, Offer!
    Academic Info
    IB: 776666+2, 40 points - class of 2011.
    UKCAT 672.5
    BMAT 4.4, 5.2, 3.5A
    Hockey (HK, school and outside of school team), Swimming (HK, school and outside of school team), Volleyball (school team); Recreational: Squash, Wake boarding, Badminton, Hiking (DoE Silver ).

    And the more artsy side: Photography, tap dancing, Film, Theatre (acting), general art, really...

    Watching TV, Eating, Heading to the cinema!
    Work experience and volunteering etc.
    Frankly if you're reading this it would be to see my general application to UCAS, so I'm just going to put in what I included in my personal statement!

    A year (and continuing) at a children's hospital
    Street Sleepers activity leader (student-led school project)
    Flag days
    Careers Advice Bureau
    Coaching Hockey
    Thailand community service + teaching English

    Work experience:
    ENT ward at a hospital, 2 weeks
    London surgery, 1 week
    Microbiologist lab at two hospitals, 1 week each

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