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  1. Exactly. I think women who marry rich men are usually willing to give their freedom up for that wealth. I think there's a much lower amount of women willing to do that nowadays though.
    Men have the option of prostitution with old women + gay men (although admittedly the demand isn't nearly as high). Similarly women "can't" become football players or frontline infantry.

    But again, the reason I'm not willing to label marriage to richer people "inequality" is because it's a consented decision between two adults. It's simply as a result of attraction to certain qualities in both sexes. Most men prefer appearance over wealth whereas most women prefer wealth over appearance. It's about as stupid as a black guy complaining that white women aren't attracted to him - you can't really force attraction. It isn't inequality.
  2. Sorry just had a look at your conversation and had to chirp in. It's true that it's easier for women to become rich by marrying a rich husband. The downside to that though is that normally, they get controlled by their husband for the rest of the marriage. It's also not considered inequality because the guy is usually totally willing to marry a poor woman. It's a punishment for being shallow. If women were after looks, they'd use their fortune to get themselves a dashing young man when they become 50. Fortunately for women, they're not too bothered by that.
  3. why dont you look at the facts and stop talking bull****?
  4. women cant just go find a rich man and expect that that will be the end of their problems, what if theres a divorce? relationships nowadays never last.

    i feel sorry for your uni.
  5. you're at uni? what uni would that be, new bucks?

    please. women becoming dependent on men for money is not gender equality. women are more likely to be poor than men statistically speaking. get your facts right.

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