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  1. I'm studying Maths and Econ.
    Did you have a good New Years? I lost my voice from the excessive screaming that night, and it's been nearly 2 days. Hope I'll get it back soon because whispering to my friends and parents is really not the way forward haha x
  2. Thank you for your contribution to my thread 'The restyling of the site'. Unfortunately and most rage-makingly, the moderators saw fit to close it. I am appreciative also of the fact that you agreed with the general sentiment I was making.

    Have a nice day.

    Yours faithfully,
  3. LOL! haha, I had no idea what else to call it so I thought I would say chateau :P Founders building?? haha yes I do xx
  4. Wanted to give you a positive rep but ran out

    <3 the pic made me laugh
  5. i knw u yes :ninja:
  6. Cool sig, top movie. APPROVED!
  7. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

    Internet high five!
  8. You're probably right :awesome:
  9. Lol I guess I'll find another one if it's that good of a signature, for those cat lovers like yourself on here
  10. So adorable :lovedup:

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