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  1. your avatar scares me :emo:
  2. :afraid:
  3. It's a good show! I absolutely love it!! But that could just be my current American Dad phase speaking! Tbf, I only watch it for the goldfish! I have a thing for the German accent :perv:
  4. I made it up! "Fisch" is the German word for "fish" and Klaus (the goldfish) is German

    Unless you've heard it in another place theeeen I have no idea. Sorry!

    And you don't have to be sorry - random posts are what I live for!
    I kid.
    German goldfish are what I live for :love:
  5. Yeah I get what you mean I would probably prefer dogs I like giving the attention and taking them for walks etc :P

    We have however had a few cats; two recently. One had to be put down and one ran away so yeah not the best pet history my mum prefers a feline free house i'll have to admit though

    Oh wow you're off to Belgium for a while that sounds great Your Bf studies in the UK right? I see your further attatchment to him with a litter of cats nearby :P It's fine you have a boyfriend so can't be classified *too much* as crazy cat lady

    Hmm guess i'll be importing anything from Belgium you can't be trusted!! ;D
  6. Mmmm cat sitting fun :P cute and soft lmao I see your motivation there!

    Define cat person... :P I love pets/animals so I wouldn't restrict myself to just cats nor do I want to me known as the crazy cat guy But yeah i'm cool with cats

    Oh Belgium nice sounds good how long you going for? Bring me back some chocolate ;D
  7. Not tons happening just without people to talk to on these forums I tend to visit them less. I miss the extra company and days are long!

    I cut my nan's hedge and cut the grass in the front and back garden Dad prepped a barbeque and had some drinks while my sis brought some mates over. Was a pretty good day though I stink of ash cause of our massive bonfire... ;D

    You been up to much?
  8. -6 coming your way.
  9. Still around? Been a while
  10. oh yay...helping schools fun..... heh whatever floats your boat

    Teaching huh? Nice you have aspirations

    Oh dear what do I want to do eventually? Lol brace yourself this is gonna be very corny and cli'que'd :

    Any job which pays the bills and get in a happy, loving relationship haha THAT is what I want

    As far as specific jobs i've never had my heart set on anything which is probably why I never worked so hard to get there :|

    Nikey of course ! Jokes aside of course I say Nike but some people use Nikey as an ironically longer nickname?

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