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  1. Ah, thanks for that! I have my AS exam coming Monday, so I'm finally getting down to some practise papers... I always try to be original, but I'm weary of sounding *too* confident, for fear that I somehow won't factor in other interpretations *groans* Ugh!

    Leicester Uni hopefully... I'm uber excited!
  2. lovely, thanks.
    i'll probably stick to the simple thematic paragraph structure - wouldn't want to miss out on marks due to a cluttered essay.

    thanks for your help!
  3. ah right i see, are you at uni then?

    with regards to the sources question in history, does the paragraph structure matter? what i mean is, would it be something like this..

    1 - Intro.
    2 - for
    3 - aginst
    4 - for
    5 - against
    6- conclusion (for example)

    or something more integrated and fancy..

    1- intro
    2- for and against
    3- for and against

  4. hello there
    i noticed in your sig that you did remarkably well in both your A2 History (Germany) and Philosophy (2) exams.
    Providing you didn't just make them up (!) do you have any tips at all? Or indeed, any notes laying around dormant on your computer that you feel would be of some use?

  5. Hi!

    I just read on your sig that you're studying English and History at uni... I'll be studying that next year! Howre you finding it?

    Also, I'm studying AS and A2 English Lit combined in a year... any tips on getting an A s'il vous plait?
  6. Hi. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your comments on a thread about not feeling like a male/female... you said you just see people as people - which is actually a very equal way of seeing the world. I really couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing this.

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