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  1. Hi there,

    I have just firmed my offer for King's GEP (yey!) and wondered if I might pick your brain on a couple of things?

    Am I right in thinking year 1 is 45 weeks? I guess they haven't released term dates for the coming academic year but would you be able to tell me them for Year 1 in the current year, ie your year?

    Reason I am asking is that I currently work freelance as a tour manager and was wondering if MIGHT be able to keep doing the odd tour while studying. Obviously would only be able to do that in hols so would be really useful to have vague idea of dates as they ask me ages in advance and if I don't say yes they will give to someone else.

    And, leading on from that, how feasible do you think it would be to a tour of say 5-6 days in the hols - is that when you have to do exam prep etc? Just trying to gauge exactly how full on it's going to be and whether will be feasible. The tours pay well so would be REALLY useful financially (and there is no prep or follow up so it's literally '5 days' then done. But they are quite full on so would find it tough to do more than a couple of hours revision a day. But the money would be sooo useful!

    Thanks for any advice you can give me :-)


  2. It's half normal and half bizarre studying in Danish. For the most part it feels pretty much the same as when I was doing GCSE, though trying to remember that K is not for potassium but 'kalium' and Na is not sodium but 'natrium' can be hard (I mean I know both Danish names make way more sense but it's just... weird and wrong ).

    They use GCSE/AS/A2 grade average and mine should be enough for me to get in as long as the requirement doesn't shoot up like it has the last few years. I should just about get in if it shoots up this year again, though not necessarily this September - I might get a guaranteed place for Feb or Sept 2015 in that case. There may be an MMI purely by virtue of the fact that EU applications are the same deadline as the 'mitigating circumstances' (ish) one, and as an EU applicant I get considered for that automatically. I'm not going for that (I'd stand no chance at it) but if they consider me for it anyway they may invite me to an MMI. Can't really be arsed but I'd be worried if I turned it down, they'd think I was withdrawing from the regular consideration too. We'll see what happens anyway.

    Edit: Oh and Christmas was great, I met a lot of Danes I'd not really seen before and Danish Christmas food is amaaaaaaaazing. We were lazy and did nothing for NYE.
  3. Hey! I'm really good all in all, still not got round to finding a new job after we were all let go as of 30th December, but who needs their own source of income, right? Living with a partner is the best.

    I recently got some of the necessary Chem and Physics books and every so often I sit back and realise I'm studying AS/A2 Chemistry and Physics in Danish and it blows my mind a little bit. I'm literally just about to write an email to the place I'm doing them through to see whether I can do B level in both this spring or whether I'll be doing C and then B later. If it's the former, I can apply to Medicine in March. In theory I should also get in if that happens. The whole process makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    I frequently stalk the current students' thread for motivation/morale, I can see you're having a pretty good time! How long have you had actual weekends for now? How good does it feel in comparison to when you were working? Super happy for you, you know. You're clearly working very hard to be there.

  4. Hello,

    I saw you had an interview with Warwick last year. How did it go ?

    Could I please ask you a few questions regarding the interview?

    Many thanks,

  5. real life is pretty horrend, delay as long as you can! x
  6. I saw that someone had mentioned DM in that unusual degree thread and knew you'd comment! x
  7. Indeed! Love all the little tales you write about!
    You're loving the King's GEP? That's encouraging! I have an interview there on Monday!!

    What worries me a bit is the very low student satisfaction ratings for the Kings medical school, mostly revolving around lack of feedback and lack of clear organisation (although I appreciate the former is a nationwide ******* in medical schools). Have you noticed any issues regarding these matters? As the NSS is taken by the final year students for the course (those that would have presumably started in 2009 if they didn't intercalate), I'm hoping that these issues have been ironed out a bit, but my school friend who's in his 3rd year of the standard course says there are still issues with feedback and organisation of placements. :/ Are you able to clarify any of this?
  8. Got distracted from interview prep - your blog is hilarious. I have no idea who you are, but you're making me laugh a lot and spurring me on to want to get to med school!!

    How are you finding it? Am I right in thinking it's King's? Or Barts?
  9. Heyy,

    Thanks for the info
    Keep in touch,I'll have more questions when it comes to me applying Thanks in advance x
  10. Heyy
    How're you?

    Just wanted to ask;you're doing the 4-year programme at KCL right? Not the 5-year one?

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