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  1. I'm good too thanks
    And no worries
  2. Hey buddy,how're you?
  3. Lol isit??
    I never realised!
    No but some words are just different!
    I'm doing bio,chem and french atm,(french ofc is sooo easy,for me)
    I'm gonna go for biomed.
    are you in your 1st,2nd or 3rd year?
    What subjects did you do for your A-Levels?
  4. Aww that is so cute!
    No worries lol,people actually type creole whichever way they like.
    I'm still in Year 13
    Really wanna go to uni soon
    How can you do Maths?????
    I used to love it until A-Levels! -.-
    Get well soon
  5. It only snows for a couple days then that's it,but it doesn't snow heavily though!
    I don't get bored of it,I just find it really annoying!
    Plus it's really cold.
    I love snow fights though
    So,do you go to Uni?
    Oohh and do you know how to speak creole?
  6. Aww,dunno how it is up there but in London you only get snow for a few days then that's it.
    When I saw snow for the first time,I was excited,but then it got on my nerves when I slipped on the ice and fell! -.-
  7. I still think you should do it one day!
    Lool,they'll be coming when it's cold,but then they'd still get to see the snow hopefully, so I guess that's one good thing about England!
    You live in London?
    Most of my family's in Mauritius,though I do have some over here and in France
  8. Lool I get what you mean!
    I honestly think you should go this year,probably in December and stay there for New Year's
    It's soo much fun there compared to here!
    Have you got family in Mauritius?
  9. Lool,you should post on my profile otherwise I don't know whether you've replied to me or not!
    Anyway,nope,haven't been there in december,because I only have 2 weeks of holidays and tickets are so expensive that it's not worth going just for 2 weeks!
    I was born there and lived there for a few years,and yeah it does get REALLY HOT in december!
    I remember there was a time when this particular type of mosquito was dangerous to people,and literally everyone was taking precautions. A few people actually died due to the mosquito bites and the effects they caused.
    It doesn't really make a difference when you go tbh,coz when I went last month,it was supposed to be winter,but it was wayy too hottt!
    It felt like it was England's summer!
    The only time it got a bit chilly was at night..but it still wasn't as bad as here ofc!
  10. Mr_Muffin_Man
    Damnnnnnn man! It looks too good..MUCH better than here, the last time i went was 2 years ago its starting to get cold here so i really want to go. Have you ever been in december time? apparently thats when its BOILING and all the mosquitos come out to feed.. hopefully il be going summer 2013 im already planning it lol

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