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    Where I study
    King's College London
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    Don't believe in it
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    Kings College, London: Mathematics BSc

    First year Average: 73% - First :woo:
    Second year Average: 70% - First :mmm:
    Third Year Average: N/A

    Overall: N/A

    Decided to drop off the 4 year programme.

    Goals for 2014:

    - Finish my degree
    - Get a job
    - Move out of my house and get a place
    - Save
    - Do a skydive

    Updates to come

    Courtesy of Tortious!

    All credit goes to Champagne Supernova Studios

    Quotes that made me laugh!

    (Original post by Nirgilis)
    (Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd)
    Dissertation, Y U NO WRITE URSELF??!!??!?!?! :rolleyes: :emo:

    Because then your dissertation would get credit for your dissertation. Damn spotlight stealing wad of paper
    (Original post by Terpsikhore)
    One more complaint, and then I'll shut up.

    Went to the loo. Came back, sat down, read through what I've written so far. Looked at my handwritten notes. Skimmed through the source material. Read my progress so far again. Did a double-take. Read it a third time.

    The end of the second paragraph now appears to read "6x 50g balls, double knit, dusky pink".

    Apparently my nanna phoned up with an addition to her weekly shopping list and my brother, finding no pen lying around, decided to just type it into the open Word document on my laptop...

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