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  1. what up fooo'
  2. LUCY LUCY LUCY! I got 2 gems now! Yaaay 8-) Ooookieeee.. That was all Love youu <3
  3. Final year of my philosophy degree. I'm very much not animals in philosophy though, I did it as a module, and I've been a vegan for 3 years. It's something I think about on a regular basis. Do you know what you want to do as a vet? Go round farms? Have a practise for house pets? etc.
    Also, what do you think about the grand national?
  4. Banter implies some kind of friendship, or positive feelings...

    Are you interested in animals then?
  5. was trigger, the best user of TSR.
  6. Which of the many possible reasons did you pick to neg the post?

    I should've said that before, I've just finished an essay, brain is kind of on melt down.
  7. Because you dis-like trigger, liked my post or dis-liked my post?
    I wouldn't usually ask about rep but, I'm waiting for someone to ring and I need to kill some time.
  8. Hi there
    I see you are still waiting to hear from Nottingham?
    We seem to be some of the last few waiting to hear so I'm getting a bit anxious. Rang them earlier but no one picked up.
    Do you have any idea when we will hear?
    From Lilia x
  9. Hmm, might do that on Sunday evening after I've looked at past papers.. Going to focus on finishsing excretion & photosynthesis today. Then respiration & homeostasis tomorrow (which will be okay because I've revised them for end of module tests & I did alright in them). Fingers crossed I don't fall asleep & can get this done by Monday
  10. I'm sure it went fine, you revised loads!
    Heck no am I ready for Biology! Kill me now. I haven't even finished revising excretion.. And I've still got the rest to do :rolleyes:

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