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  1. pharm boy?
  2. Oh as long as there is alcohol I really don't care :lol:
  3. St Andrews have Tinchy Stryder this year :eek3:

    It didn't Oh well... I'll forever be unfit :lol:
  4. Are you going to your freshers? When does it/lectures start?

    What you trying to say? :eek: Yeah, I'm not intending on getting up extremely early to go out running :lol:
  5. Good stuff! Yeah, I can't wait man.. going back on Saturday :nutcase: So soon
    Running did not go well, I did a total of 2 days. I've got some running clothes now though so hopefully I'll start back up when I'm in the bubble where it seems half the population goes running.
  6. Always forget you changed your username and I'm like: who is this guy?! :facepalm:
    Thank you
    How're things?
  7. Hello!
    I saw on the forum that you are a first-year pharmacy student at RGU. I'm sorry to bother you but I have a few questions since I;m not 100% sure whether to apply for pharmacy at RGU or at Diagnostic Radiology(also RGU). I wan wondering how many course hours you have each week and if you have time for a part-time job.

    Sorry to bother :"> I'm an EU national and I'm trying to imagine how things will be once i get there.

  8. nkl
  9. Woohoo! I had a slight suspicion it could be you :p: How are you?
  10. I am so confused right now! I know you but you changed your name so now I don't know who you are But you wrote on my wall so you must know me :holmes:

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