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  1. Yaay my maggot wasn't ignoring me :hugs:

    I am taking a change of pace today from my usual slug antics, and I'm going to do some... :gasp: ... exercise! :nothing: Serious. I am just getting my jogging bottoms and top on now :ahee:

    What are you up to? I want to go to Edinburgh, I've only ever been to Inverness :moon:
  2. You didn't reply to your slug :cry2:
  3. How's my fave maggot doing? :hugs: :flutter:
  4. PS. If you reply, I'll reply tomorrow. Just so you're not waiting up all night, desperately waiting for a reply.

    Night bbz x
  5. Oh man, you're such a *insert awful word here*

    Any excuse to hide the fact you're in love with me
    Stop calling me supergirl, you *insert same word as above*
  6. I always thought you were a whore.

    Anyway, I was saying you just can't stop talking to me. See, with other people, you can deal with not talking to them for a while, but with me.. you just can't cope. You just want me that badly. Right?
  7. Shuuuuuup.

    You clearly want me hence why you can't stop talking to me :yep:
    I'm just that cool
  8. Why you being so creepy? :erm:
  9. It's the Superman logo weeman
  10. It's all shiny and clean!

    Thank you for the bleach :hugs:

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