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  1. You're mallu, right?
  2. Im guessing youre muslim?

    Eid mubarak yo!
  3. Urm yeah I am!
    How come?
  4. Ah lol fair enough.
  5. Yeah my parents are from Kerala, India. In your name it says 'Nagaram' which means 'city' in Malayalam. Hence why I was curious about your origin.
  6. Hey, are you from Kerala?
  7. Haha yeh I firmed it too. Pretty excited tbh. I'm doin Finance with Management so prob see you out sometime lol. FIRST ROUNDS ON ME!!
  8. Hey man,

    Only just seen your post! Westminster's Marylebone campus is amazing and the course seems good too. Also got to meet some of the people that might be doing the same degree so im pretty psyched now :P

    Have you've firmed westminster? What course are you taking?

  9. Hi, Its my essay (part of the English language paper), but practise of course. Does my essay link in with the question? Thank you for reading it and giving your feedback. Much appreciated
  10. Hi, dont mean to bother you, but did you get my message?

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