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  1. Hi, so what kinky stuff would you tie me up etc
  2. hey thanks for sharing questions about task 3 ..
    i would really appreciate if u could help me out with few of ur ans u mentioned for 3 diff average graphs so i would have an idea how to interpret and wether m on the right track while eng is my second language ..plz
  3. Buster_Bunny
    It was to do with the effect of temperature on the rate of maggot movement.

    I dont remember the questions specifically, they were the basic questions that you should have met in mock tasks.

    Yeah, empa is teacher assessed, isa is externally assessed.
  4. HKSR
    Hey what did you have to do for task 1 bio A2 empa with the maggots? I have mine in a few days.

    What were the questions at the end of task 1?

    Btw contrary to some people belief the EMPA is NOT moderated because the UMS is low enough. Chemistry teacher told me.

    Will get everyone i know to + rep

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