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  1. Oh right =) i had mine today and yesterday i had my written test! i think and hope that it went quite well! why did you struggle with your french ??
  2. Hey! Can't remember which college you said you were applying at, but how was your interview all the same?
  3. Hey I saw you already had your interview at cambridge?? how was it??
  4. I posted my documents (although I've heard that it's best to get your school to post them, as described by Ishamo in the thread). You can't upload things on Minerva, as far as I know. They don't tell you what documents you must send, but if they require extra documents later then they will let you know on Minerva, I suppose. I sent photocopies of my GCSE certificates and my school-produced statement of results. I also sent a photocopy of an official school paper which states my predicted grades.

    Hope that helps
  5. Non, pas du tout, je suis heureuse que tu ais vu mon errueur; j'ai presque ruiné un des meilleurs poèmes d'histoire du monde!
  6. Oh mon dieu! :rofl:
    Can't believe I didn't see that mistake- thank you!
  7. Oops, sorry I didn't notice your comment, I don't check my profile that often. Someone told me they don't, unless you know otherwise
  8. okay great I hope they don't require us to indicate it anywhere on UCAS, since I just submitted UCAS last night!
  9. Hey!
    I haven't specified on UCAS that German's my ab initio language; do we mention that in the further details? I just assumed it'll be obvious, since I'm not taking German as a subject right now, but I'm not sure.
  10. Indeed I am! They were really cool, I also really enjoyed seeing Herman Dune (if you know them) for the first time but my brother whose seen them numerous times said that they'd gone from being better live to better in studio, so he recommends getting their new album!

    Have you got a

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