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  1. PhenolphthaleinX
    hey thank you very much!! it feels good knowing that somebody cares
    i applied for a joint degree Maths&CS but my CS interview was a mess! haha i think that's the main reason the CS department doesn't want me anymore. so yeah the offer was only for Maths
    i want to appeal though, we'll see if they let me do Maths&CS!
    good luck with your Cambridge decision!!!
  2. PhenolphthaleinX
    ahaha poor you xD happy waiting and be optimistic! who knows, anything can happen
  3. PhenolphthaleinX
    lol we have 3 universities in common I'm sure you'll get your UCL one, just gotta be patient in waiting. I have all my 4, just need to wait for my Oxford one >.<
  4. PhenolphthaleinX
    niiiiice I wish you good luck how many offers have you got?
  5. PhenolphthaleinX
    hi FredrickTrott, I'm an international applicant hence I wasn't interviewed but they sent me some kind of update to just inform me that the department has proposed that I'm made an offer which the head kinda had to decide first, would you be interested in knowing when this was sent? FYI I got my offer 2 months+1 day after submitting my application haha. what did you apply for btw? how was the interview? good luck dear x
  6. I got an offer today, good luck
  7. Hi. I did open and had my interview for Jesus on Wednesday. DON'T BE NERVOUS - they just ask you some simple questions: i anticipated at least something like 'why do you wanna study compsci', 'what do you like about it', but no - they basically greeted and went straight to the questions. Yes I did Maths in one year however this is hardly an advantage - getting an A* in FM is much harder and I'd rather do both this year so i'd only need the A* for maths which is easy as hell. Thanks - you too!
  8. My interview went okay, I think...don't get too stressed, you've already got the Imperial offer after all Good luck!
  9. Yah, I have to do the TSA, and I have 2 interviews. I've got to sleep now; I'm leaving in the morning - I'll tell you how it went when I get back!
  10. Yep, it's on Monday. Do you have your Caius one?

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