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  1. ooohh cool, umm I'm on a gap year working Going uni next year hopefully
  2. haha okey dokey, so do you go to uni?
  3. You don't? :O Uuumm I'm 19, so are you at University? What ethnicity are you btw?
  4. London! I love the scouser accent, its so sexy so how old are you?
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, keyboard warriors lol, they wouldn't dare say it in public! and LOOOL I did that so many times aswell! Keep posting stuff on my own wall haha Sooo where abouts are you from?
  6. xayshx
    Haha thanks I just get so angry cause they chat so much balllllls. It's like really? You think your bad behind a computer screen? Haha too right too right.
  7. LOL yuuuup all good, a really random 'Hallo' I know haha but I saw you on that post against Islam and I thought daaaamn she puts up a fight! Its really sad there are some ignorant idiots out there eh? 'I'm not generalising, I'm factorising' what a TURD! haha
  8. Hallo
  9. where you from, what you do?
  10. tell me about yourself please

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