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  1. That took me longer than I'd like to admit, thanks.
  2. How did you finish that vector question?

    I noted that since OD and AC are perpendicular, the scalar product of their respective directions would be equal to 0:

    \vec{d} \cdot \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) = 0

    I then set up another equation for OD and took it's scalar product w.r.t. the direction vector of AC:

    \begin{aligned} & \vec{d} = \vec{a} + \lambda \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) \\ & \implies \vec{d} \cdot \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) = \left( \vec{a} + \lambda \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) \right) \cdot \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) \\ & \implies 0 = \left( \vec{a} + \lambda \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) \right) \cdot \left( \vec{c} - \vec{a} \right) \end{aligned}

    I solved for \lambda thereafter.
  3. Warning, serendipitee tends to report people who publicly reveal her identity. I'd remove the post if I were you unless you're fine with getting blue carded
  4. :nooo: Naughty :spank:
  5. Hahahaha nah never offended by you, Bear. Just annoyed I didn't realise my inappropriate usage of 'members' :lol:
  6. You're filthy, Bear *edits the word members out*
  7. Oops! Forgot to respond to this!

    Hi Bear, no no keep following if you like, both in person and online! :lol:
  8. Grazie mille e ti auguro un buon fine settimana!!!!!!!!

  9. :eek:
    I will get one of the canal caretakers to take a look and see if it needs any attention :yy:

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