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  1. Haha. Sure anything to support you You're working for an excellent cause
  2. No no I am interested. Only when my funds perk up a bit :wink2:
  3. Akbar2k7
    your signature is awesome
  4. Your sig...

  5. Do you sell any of your homeless pictures? My budget at the moment is around £20-£50 but if you make them £20 ish each I'd buy more than one!

    I might be decorating my bedroom soon and want to do something different. IE: Art

    get back to me soon
  6. Hiya. Well here's the contact page of the gallery's website:

    I think you'd be best off contacting them through one of those methods, but if you do have anything else you'd like to ask me then feel free. I am only an intern there but I know a fair bit about how it works, so would be happy to help however I can. Good luck :yy:
  7. Your photoshop skills = awesome

  8. Your signature scared the living day lights out of me.
  9. I am enjoying Brian & the Impressionists...
    tomorrow i shall tackle The Boybood of Raleigh, and perhaps Mr & Mrs Andrews
  10. it is fun being your frined !! i am intrigued by your cunning plan...

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