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  1. Vikki1805
  2. Vikki1805
  3. Aaah cool!
    Same here. Igbo ftw haha!
  4. Out of interest are you nigerian?
  5. Hi, just a warning you might get a refund for your first three months but if you don't change your acceleration you won't get any more refunds. Happend to me unfortuantly I'm on my last 3 months of my policy. Also when they fitted your tracker did they fit it under the passenger dashboard/glovebox?
  6. Haha I read that out to the boy and he agreed and said he wouldn't make breakfast anymore for me, darn you
    And yaay lightening! Like zaaaap. As you can tell I'm very bored, I want to go out tonight, stupid work.
  7. Only musical ones

    And no :cry2: makes me sad. I'm "ahright" I mean you wouldn't kick me out of bed but I'd have to make my own breakfast.

    Actually that a lie, by bf will make me my breakfast mwhahah
  8. I don't look like your sig :cry2:

    Or do I... :ninja:
  9. Lol okay then
  10. There are obvious psychological inferences that can be made from the whole concept of revenge negging that I cba to go into. I wasn't trying to have a go at you lol, at the end of the day if that's what makes you feel good that's okay. Probably sounds a bit patronising, sorry I was just genuinely surprised that you'd gone to those measures to make sure I knew it was you etc

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