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  1. Did you add me just so you could stalk my VMs?
  2. Vikki1805
    I've missed you too.
  3. Vikki1805
    We don't speak for months, then you comment on my photo asking for a nude via whatsapp.
  4. Iamyourfather
    I hope you still enjoyed yourself nonetheless
    Happy New Year!! I hope 2014 is great one for you
  5. Iamyourfather
    Tardy again - internet y u keep failing me?

    I spent the day watching films, laughing with family and eating until I gave myself a hernia.

    Although I'm not religious, I might have to spend New Year's at church with the rest of the family. I guess the positives of going would be to catch up with old friends and to party the night away :danceboy: It sure beats the option of working on New Year's during a rock concert till 3am (one word: vomit), and then waiting at a train station in the freezing cold for 3 hours until the first morning train arrives.

    Figured out what you want to do on New Year's eve?
  6. toooonj
  7. Iamyourfather
    I'm really sorry for the tardiness! Well you must know me so well :daydreaming: Remember our tiffs back in the day? Yeah, we'd built our own little TSR community.

    Oh I see, aren't you really close to anyone at the uni you're currently at? Are you still doing biomed? Are you still enjoying it? I'm pretty ahead too although I've had to as I need work on postgrad applications next term. I only have 3 exams in the summer and I'm halfway through my dissertation so I can't complain really

    Haha, you were definitely (and still are) one of the more entertaining posters. I miss those TSR days, it seemed more close-knit and less "cliquey". You always seemed like the business type :yep: I don't know much about business but I imagine a science degree in a business field would make you stand out.

    Thanks! It took me while to come to that decision but now I'm so happy and relieved Acting as a career has an element of mystery but to me it makes it all the more liberating!

    Looking forward to Christmas? :holmes:
  8. Iamyourfather
    :lol: How did you figure it out? But then I suck at being anonymous. I would have told you immediately but figured you weren't too fond of me :erm:

    I'm jealous of how much fun you've had. I wish I went to a city-based uni. Uni life for me has been so uneventful, I'm just hoping to pick up my degree and leave. I'm really looking forward to the future though; I'm considering going to drama school to study music theatre. I had hopes of picking up a language module but I was too late, I might have to jump onto those online language courses instead.

    But well done man, I'm really impressed by how far you've come and how determined you've been. Do you still have hopes of becoming a business mogul? :cool:
  9. Iamyourfather
    This message made me smile (I see you've become aware of my new identity ). I haven't spoken to you a minute! I hope uni and everything else is treating you well. Life is treating me okay, I've finished uni for the year and now have Christmas and New Year's to look forward to :yep:
  10. Y u yawn?

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