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  1. Iamyourfather
    4 weeks ago
    Could I send you a PM?
  2. Yawn11
    @Maid Marian (since I can't write on wall), it's the sad cycle of Student Room members. At some point we grow up, pass our exams and are no longer students

    And we are replaced by younger versions of ourselves. #Life
  3. I used to see you around everywhere but never anymore.
  4. Samsung galaxy mini s3.

    I also have a new kakariki
  5. I have a new phone :-)
  6. How's you?
  7. :jumphug:
  8. It's going well thanks I only have two sessions left to go!
  9. Oh gosh, I am horrible at replying to VMs/PMs. I'm so sorry.

    I wasn't being sarcastic, I promise

    Well if you ever need somebody to occupy that lonely heart, I'll try my hardest to find the right person for you.

    I am Syrian. My blood is 'brown' as some people like to say (= Arab) but my nationality differs. I have a UK passport, thus stating me to be of British nationality, but then again, I also have a Syrian passport. (It's actually way more confusing than this, as I also have parts of me that are Lebanese and Austrian, but it gets too complicated). What's your ethnicity if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Like a canyon

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