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  1. outworn
    I guessed, did make me chuckle though
    Sorry for being annoyingly picky and pointing it out
  2. outworn
    I SEE.
    It's a good thing you deleted then, I would've been all *omg he eyeballed me, HE HATES ME"
    I'm quite on edge lately :ninja:

    "I thought my ps3 would've looked silly so deleted it." hahahawot. Gamez on da brain?

    Glad you're enjoying it!

    Aah I'm okay, been a bit down lately for various reasons. Like a midlife crisis except ever-so-slightly early
    I'm alreeeeet now though, no more emoness

    Hope you're gooooooooood x
  3. outworn
    Aah! What did you write on me wall? It's gooOooone

    How's your month going?
  4. Ack! >.<
  5. Where? For what? O_O
  6. Erm.. thanks? :P
  7. haha, I've heard that before, don't know how I didn't remember it!
    Oh dear, you've brought out the :sexface: that's never good...
    But I'm doing fine thanks, yourself?
  8. Depends on the weather.
  9. i can't remember at all but you have made over 4000 of them so i'm sure there were some i didn't agree with! oh well
  10. er thanks, but why are you surprised!?

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