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  1. How to become a subscriber? Do you think I will be able to flirt with someone on TSR and get him to buy me one? ..... :O ... Is it expensive?
  2. Hey, how do you change the colour of your username? I want to be able to change mine to red.
  3. mangoh
    lol I used to have green then realised that I used to recieve red rep pointlessly for NO REASON... what so ever, so I decided I'll just stick to red now... say it how it is, not just post in threads (hoping for rep etc...) because... you might have noticed but many decent long written posts tend to recieve -rep... Having red rep and sticking means that I can write my FULL view... in as short or long as I want and not care about getting -rep...
  4. mangoh
    amazing init, no warnings as well . I only have bad rep because I express my view, afterall it is a forum and I don't want to only agree with OP for rep, forget dat.

    I play by the rules, I respect mods, I respect TSR members thats why I have 0 warnings and I will continue to do so.

    P.S. third highest red rep on TSR ----------- smashed it
  5. Lol..... You are on a sworn vengance to neg all people who negged you? :lolwut:
  6. Why you mad tho?
  7. Show 'em who's boss, and all that.
  8. You neg rep everybody who gives you neg rep? Wow, you're cool .
  9. sup with you??

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