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  1. Just letting you know that you missed the '& then get eaten by a shark' bit out.

    I wasn't joking...

  2. :hand:



    I just thought you could relate to those animals wasn't abuse :/
  3. Yes, I suppose that is where it stems from.

    I don't particularly mind but it's not so great when someone's yelling 'Oy, Briefcase!' across the dance floor/street though.

    I try....
  4. I completely agree.
    Although when it gets to the point of being called 'Sheldon' and 'Briefcase' it does become a little perturbing.
  5. I'll admit that's a little odd.
  6. Whenever I stumble upon one of your posts, I automatically read them in Jimmy Carr's voice in my head.
    Just thought I'd let you know....
  7. Ha, we've been hiding, I don't normally post on here much, but I'm meant to be revising, so I'm on here all the time at the moment haha
    Oh thank you
  8. Stop complaining then. :teehee:
  9. This :mmm:

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