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  1. lol i hear that. lol well erm thanks for catching me up!!
  2. lol thanks but im rarely on student room so its no surprise !!
  3. okkkk... so like a knob i posted this on my own wall :rolleyes:

    Lurvelyyy muahahaha :awesome: thanks
    I want a place soooo bad.. I'd even go to my mums white garment church (that properrrrr hardcore Nigerian one)
    Oh cmon you have to say now.. Is it segun?? Everything either has oluwa, oriste, ola or femi, btw my name isnt baba or adebola! :P it's proper uncommon

    ps. im gona delete your last two post! dont want the competition getting wind of it
    sounds mean, but hey, im nigerian i was born mean lol
  4. did they say why though??
    British medical what? lol best I read are the leaflets on the wall of my GPs.. jk
    St georges seem ok, are you gonna do that transfer thing after the first year?? I think I'm gonna apply to qmul through extra
    Yup. Naija through and through. Which means I get called babatunde adebola everywhere
  5. allieee
    it's just a shortened version if you like haha and I never spoke slang to begin with, i'm too much of a geek
  6. erghhh I soo regret applying to Brighton. how did the first time go??
    p.s plsss don't say you're Nigerian, they have the lurgies, jk I am (unfortunately) jk to that too
  7. lool :P I got a C in gcse maths instead of a B
    I actually rather not know now, muppets lol
    I got that quite a while ago... Like end of November/early December times
  8. holaa! heyy, erm which choice are you on about??
  9. Good taste, Sir! Monster Rancher was clearly a cool show back in the day

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