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  1. Hey,

    I see you're studying EMDP at King's. How are you finding it ? Has it surpassed your expectation ? And how hard is it, both in terms of time management and intellectual stimulation wise ?

    Also, is it possible to get accommodation if you apply for EMDP ? I heard it's not possible. Is that true ?
  2. Rectal examination... :sexface:
  3. Hey I read you're doing the Extended medical degree programme at Kings. How are you finding?
  4. Hello

    It's all right. Also I agree with the comment you made in regards to a females wealth is hers and her husbands is hers too.
  5. 786girl
    i see u took a gap year..did u get AAA first time round tho? or did u have to resit?
  6. got accomodation in Reading for 91 pounds per week for 51 weeks
  7. Kl bigman
    I wanted to apologize about my childish behavior earlier.
    I guess yes maybe I looked not dedicated enough and that's why I received a rejection the other day and yeah maybe I won't become a good doctor yea man just wanted to apologize and we can see who is really going to make it as a good docter (you inshalla) and maybe who wouldn't (ME :P haha) now please don't flop your exams and work hard to get the grades and yea good luck in your future life and remember one of the pos of being a doctor means when you treat the ill you will be showered with blessings from above
  8. HCA positions are quite hard to find, probably due to today's economic climate (I've been looking for a while)I understand it can leave you with quite a few aches and pains, as I've experienced having to move kids who are severely handicapped due to cerebral palsy.Hard work indeed! However it's all very rewarding at the same time.
  9. Lucky you. Night shifts are optimum for you right now, patients are usually fast asleep- you have very little to do but watch over them- so reading medical articles best fills that time.
    How long have you been working as a HCA? And lol it must have been a very calm ward, considering you had time to be on your mobile! What ward were you on? And what ward do you most enjoy working on?
  10. That's no problem, Tsr is slightly behind the day for a social networking site. And 9th, red tie grey suit...I'll make sure I say hi, see how cocky you are then haha! I kid.
    Feeling the nerves yet?

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