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  1. Khallil
    That sig :sexface:
    What's her name?
  2. Islampur.
  3. Bangla manoosh eh? We all got to stay together like Julabi crammed into a small box.

    EDIT: Thanks for the kind words too
  4. Your sig is flawless win :')
  5. your sig made me laugh lol
  6. Did you get my message?
  7. I don't do it to the ones when there's clearly another opinion to what I've written, just when I've stated some fact or something and somebody negs for no apparent reason... oh well I do see your point though, yeh those ones are stupid
  8. "Editing your posts to ask why you got negged epitomises your sad need to be accepted by everyone else."

    I've done it before, but only when I'm genuinely curious as to why somebody disagrees with that post - I'd rather they quoted as well as negged to leave an explanation :P I don't see it as needing acceptance (well I guess it is in some people's cases) but being interested to see the other side of the argument. What do you think? :P
  9. Congrats on your natsci offer! That's so good!!

    I never really liked Imperial anywayz :p:
  10. Haha I love the sig man. Blasted right angles!

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