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  1. Hello headunderwater. May I offer you a scuba mask and respirator?
  2. Hope you're okay x
  3. Sure. I'm staying in Nottingham at the moment, so not too far off - I could ask rmhumphries if he'd like to drive us down for the day/stay a night or two. I'll mention it to him later on - if you know days that would be good then just let me know (I'm mostly free, apart from the odd appointment or camping and stuff).

    Stay strong. :jumphug:
  4. You copied them from the link that another user posted. Word for word. And yes they were lies, theres no evidence to prove any.
    Are you saying your two second google search is more truthful than hundreds of articles, first hand accounts and books from trustworthy sources?

    I don't wish to continue this conversation. It isn't worth my time.
  5. I doubt they're as bad as what you posted on here.
  6. How? I'm not the one posting untrue crap that I wouldn't dare to say in real life.
  7. Your head really is under water now, isn't it?
  8. Thanks. Aww I hope you days get better :hugs:
  9. Hey. Sorry I'm only just replying, I haven't been active at all the last 5 days. I was **** cos my dad collapsed and my brother went missing, but it's all okay now :yes: How are you dear? x
  10. Hey, I got this message when I tried to send: "headunderwater has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space." Sorry xx

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