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  1. Hi!
    I saw your post with some photos of St Mary's and i wonder if you would mind telling me of which flat are the photos?
    Do you know anything about the flats 07 and 24?
    Thank you
  2. Hiya,
    I'm hopefully going to be starting my degree at Newcastle Uni this September and am looking for some advice on accommodation. I've read that you stayed in St Mary's for your first year, what was your room/flat like? Is there a good social atmosphere there? How did you find getting into the uni/town for nights out?
    Do you have any pictures of your flat?
    I'm just looking for some advice really, anything would be helpful.
    Thankyou, Katie
  3. Heyy, sorry to bother you about St Marys (of course) but I just wanted to ask your advice? Do people spend a fortune on taxis to get home at night? I got an offer for there and frankly I was horrified, I just looked it up on Google Maps and was like "I can't walk that far every day!!" I have a sports injury that plays up every so often so I'm kinda nervous about the distance!
  4. steph_anie_x

    there are the photos. happy to help.
  5. Hi! I've been reading the Newcastle accommodation thread and found your posts extremely helpful! I'm actually pretty interested in St. Marys so if you don't mind sending me your photos, here is my email Many thanks!^^
  6. im joining the band wagon here and going to request some pictures too, lol...

    email is
  7. hey, ive been reading the accomodation thread and you are being soooo helpful. i was not interested in st marys at all until i read your posts. my email is and if you have the time could you send me pictures of rooms etc aswell. muchhhh appreciated x
  8. Hey, please could you send me pics of the rooms at Newcastle. My email is Thanks! xx

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