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  1. thank you so much
    will definitely keep that in mind but when i finally make up my mind i will let you know which one i'm going for

    thanks again XD
  2. Any help at all would be appreciated, I'm just thinking of making it a work only laptop, with Internet use and social networking of course, how is that Lenovo for that kind of use?
  3. I understand what you mean. But there are so many choices on the market ,and i feel very lost
    Thanks a lot
  4. For university studies ,science based course ,so need Microsoft,fast download ,internet browsing .battery power ,and social websites ,download music etc.

    What do you mean by your last sentence sorry i'm very bad with technology !lol
  5. I had a little look and feel that the kinds of games I'd like to play if possible are GTA and counter strike for example, however of that wasn't possible then I would happily pay more (£100-£200 more) in order to get a better laptop capable of this, keeping in mind it will be mainly for work and needs to be reliable and durable. If its hard for me to get this kind of laptop for my price range I'm gonna stick with the Lenovo I found and it will just be used for study purposes. Thank you, any suggestions are welcomed.
  6. Heyy
    i really need your advice on this laptop ?is it good ? should i go for it ?

    Please reply to me ASAP thank youu soo much
  7. Like I said I've always been a console gamer, so the closest I can kind of tell you is I'd use games that I download from steam if that helps you at all, or at least I'd like to do that. But the laptop will mainly be used for work purposes, hopefully that helps your opinion on which laptop or perhaps a different one. But i do really like the look and Sound of Lenovo due to how reliable and durable they sound. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the reply, honestly im not sure about what games as I've only ever been a console gamer but it would be used mainly for work, considering my price range, I'd happily spend more for better, is that Lenovo probably a good choice or would you suggest any others that are reliable
  9. Well you just make me more confused, you're not a really good teacher

    You're just using language that I don't even understand, 'oh this is i3 4gb RAM, intel bla bla'.

    How on earth am I supposed to understand that?
  10. Hi, I'm new to the site and am looking for some advice on a laptop, if you'd please read on and help that'd be great. You see I'm awful when it comes to laptops but have found two that seem decent.

    One is a Toshiba:

    And the other is a Lenovo:

    Basically, the main thing I want out of my laptop is that it will last 3-4 years, I know I need to care for it, which I will but I'd like one that has a good reputation of being reliable and will help see me through Uni as I'm scared of getting one that will break when I need it. In terms of price I will be willing to pay a bit more than those two if you have a better recommendation, but other than that I will be using it for mainly study purposes and gaming.

    Any help at all would be fantastic, I just didn't know who to ask and you seemed like a cool guy to ask.

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