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  1. Iqbal007

    from Camden??????????????? I haven't met any ¬¬ i need people to take the train home with its soo lonely

    DLR must be packed lol

    what does ikr mean? :/
    I know looooool soooooo much hahah u can tell by the hijabs and burqas and the topis..... i should wear mine hmmmm.......

    My first one is on Monday ¬¬ so unfair

    PASS is some peer thing, so people from 2nd and 3rd year help you out
    Also u shud see the amount of tsr ppl at qmul so many
  2. W/e :teehee:
    Ah i see, met a few ppl coming from there :O DLR and tube :sigh: its about 15mins on DLR, then tube to stepney green.

    There might be a way ¬¬
    Lol i hardly know anyone tbh but it'll be fine with time :yep:

    Lol ikr? theres waaay too many asians its like ¬¬ meh. Havent met anyone from tsr lol. Got my first lecture on wed, looking forward to that :ahee:.

    Also what do you know about those PASS sessions? o.0
  3. i wont annoy them, theyre happy to have me from neaar greenwich, wbu? Yeh but i cant get one of those right? Maybe i should ring up the council n ask lol. How did u find it? Maybe i saw u lool xD

  4. Oh i see, thats cool then.
    Lool no basically, im moving to live with some family that live in london and i'll commute from their house
    Meh doesnt matter, not like theres anywhere to park there anyways

    Ah thats cool man, im going in for my induction on monday :O
    how u feelin? excited? nervous?
  5. U really are ¬¬

    It wasnt funny :teehee:
    I dont think they can if u have optional ones available they only do that if u fail to respond, me thinks :yep:
    Nuhuh, :facepalm2: no mate, im going to london for uni lol.
    I dont think its that expensive lol but just annoyed cus' im used to driving now, dont wana get on buses and tubes anymore :emo:
  6. nope, you're wrong

    maybe i did eat a stone :ninja:
    Thats good then
    Because im moving back there? lol its not exactly hard to figure out genius :rolleyes: lol xD
  7. No it isnt :rolleyes:

    loool maybe im over-reacting then :teehee: but the eid gain has to come off :nothing:
    Oh okies dokes, if you havent already been told about it, you probably wont have to choose lol xD
    Nuhuh, living at home. Currently trying to work out the best route, i havent been on london transport for like 3 yrs lol xD Wbu?
  8. It really isnt...

    No, no i wont lool xD
    Well no in my degree you have some optional modules from which you have to choose from .
  9. Really depends on the subject and if they have space. Entirely unpredictable and you shouldn't base your decision on being able to switch.

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