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  1. I don't know where it came from, but quite frankly am very peed off. I've just reported him. It's got me really annoyed.
  2. lol, fail on my part :laugh:
  3. oh haha, if you need a bio discussion lemme know and I'll try to help
  4. Hey! I found out that my head of year stupidly sent out the wrong grades to woodhouse. She sent my target grades instead of my actual predicted grades. I managed to get her to print my predicted grades for me and they are 4as 3bs and 2cs. I called woodhouse to tell them about this and they said I should bring it in even though interviews are over. I also attached a copy of my gcse results from January and they were 2a* and an a. I know my predicted grades arent that good however what are my chances of getting into woodhouse do you think?
  5. Hello,
    Regarding my pc rig, I was wondering.... the case I will go with is the nzxt phantom 410 and I was thinking of water cooling such as the corsair H70 but I am unsure if I can install that to the back if the case.
  6. ohh sorry didnt realise i got space now
  7. Also, go to uni you lazy boy.
  8. You think so?

    Your a regular user of the Isoc society plus you seem to be quite knowledgable.(after I read some of your posts)
  9. Hey bro, add me to your friend list if you want lol.

    It think i could learn a lot from you. i.e Religion(Islam)

  10. okay

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