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  1. I would forum your question too, honestly, we don't bite

    Best way to approach them is knowing the basic rules, they aren't going to ask anything that doesn't use the basic principles. The question will just be asked in a confusing combination of the basic principles.

    Then if it's a 2D vector then I draw a basic diagram. I tend to steer away from 3D vector diagrams as they get complicated and I end up confusing myself

    Assuming you know how to find vector line equations/the dot product/intersections the rest generally falls into place.

    Are there any particular questions you're referring to because I haven't seen any particularly 'strange' questions with vectors in mocks I've done? There's occasionally a one with a parallelogram but I've seen nothing like the ones in the official C3/C4 misc/revision exercises?

    Honestly, it tends to come with practice as well. If there are any weird ones you come across ask your maths teacher or even ask on the C4 forum - people are generally quite happy to help
  2. im as big as the guys u perv :hubba: but we gotta do something about that weakness of yours
    i love meerkats too after that advert :five: but just the meerkats no other furry animals
  3. :hugs: cos u like hugs and your dp is awesome
    :creep: for perving on me in the gym
  4. Before leaving your profile page, I couldn't help but LOL at that picture there and let you know:lol:
  5. heloooooo

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