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  1. I imagine it would be like walking on eggshells though.
  2. Looks like they're better for the little guy than this country is. Perhaps it'll be enough to keep them afloat. A huge unemployment figure is not going to help them, after all. Thought it was funny reading about the actor, was it Depardieu?, that got Russian citizenship because he's a friend of Putin :rofl2:
  3. That isn't very long. I'm trying to think of a French Economy joke but there are worse countries in Europe atm innit.
  4. Ah well, pros and cons. And what's their working week like?
  5. Just take it one day at a time, you'll survive :dumbells: And it's a short journey home if you need a weekend away from the frogs!
  6. I see, well that all makes perfect sense. And now you can speak the languages of three of the most arrogant nations on the planet. This must be a great comfort to you :teehee:

    I suppose you'll return at the end of the academic year?
  7. That really is quite retarded. I wonder how much they pay to go to university there, but it's pretty pointless really. I had a few modules which were solely assessed on exams (unsurprisingly, the ones I did worst in), but not the whole course.

    And yeah, the French are just as bad. Why are you spending so much time abroad?
  8. So pros and cons, same with most things. What makes it ridiculous? A friend of mine did a year in Bologna and the one thing that struck me as stupid was that if you failed a module, and retook it and scored, let's say, 85%, you'd get a score of 85% instead of it being restricted to a pass rate.

    I've never been to Italy, but I find Italians to be quite an irritating race. Or is that a racist thing to say.
  9. 5 points to you. Milan eh? Envious. How is it? I'm good, eating rhubarb and custard sweets :yum:
  10. How's tricks, m'lady?

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