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  1. AlligatorSky
    Nahi. Mujhe bhi har banda male samajhta hai, meri to pcture bhi unisex hai. Humari Eid Thursday ko thi aur theek guzri. Aap ki?
  2. AlligatorSky
    Jee haan mein KPK ki hoon. Aap ka gender kuch confusing hai, aur aap ko aur aap kay khandaan ko bohot Eid mubarak.
  3. AlligatorSky
    Lol kaafi advanced Urdu hai apki.
  4. AlligatorSky
    Haha mujhe bharway ka matlab nahi ata
  5. AlligatorSky
    I received an alert for speaking in Urdu
  6. tried to send a pm and ended up here..
  7. Well, you're not rude are you?

    Didn't need your life story either

    No you can't, boy bitches don't exist!!

    LOL the way you say 'bbz'. Get a life. Joke!
    Aaaw, naa my brother and father would never say that word :')

    O; how rude!! You know you lurrrv my pout. Don't lie to yourself

    Ooooh, never seen the guy, personally, I don't have a thing for cricket, so *yawn* swiftly moving on...

    Naa I doubt guys wanna get close to me, it's actually the armpits :rolleyes:
  8. To be completely honest. I thought you were a bitch, that's before I discovered you had a quick sex change.
    But dw, all is well.

    I knew it! You're in love with me! Haha. Joke, joke. But comparing me to that ugly pouty girl gone wrong really was insulting, I cried myself to sleep that night. :')
    Oops, I didn't realise I called them mine

    Really? It that what you were trying to do? Or did you think I knew you were a guy and was just playing along with the insults? LOL.
    Our parring sessions are pretty dang fun though

    Ufft, that's a turn on.
    Everyone wants my armpits! The world worships at the ground of my armpits!
    In all seriousness, I've had a **** load of messages piling through, and most of them, compliment my armpits they will be stars one day.
  9. Holy poop you're a guy!
    Ehh, kinda figured, you argue like a guy! O;

    Ahh all those times you were talking about my pervs on my profile, aaw that's quite cute actually :')
    I thought we were gal buddies, mehh, guess we're gall/guy buddies now

    I would have aww'd at the fact you wanted to get close to my hairy armpits if you didn't say 'jk'.

    Truee dat.
  10. Aha :')
    And you're a guy?!

    Margaret Thatcher's dead! O;

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    Ducking Fickhead
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    About me
    In Islamabad born and Raised,
    in the mud is where I spent most of my days.

    Chillin' out, relaxin' and eating some roti,
    chattin' to the kuris while drinking some lassi.

    Then a couple of Gunda's who were no good,
    started some Dhusham!Dhusham! in my neighbourhood.

    They made a right old mess and my pops got scared
    You're moving to your masi's in Mirpur! he said.

    So I whistled for a Rickshaw, it came the next day,
    Told him where to go and I weren't going to pay.

    I knew I smelt something, it was the oil in his hair,
    if anything I thought Bale! Bale! Bale!

    I pulled up to a house about 1 or 2,
    got out and stepped on some poo.

    Looked at my kingdom - I was finally there,
    to sit on the maji and breathe sweet desi air.
    Academic Info
    A Levels: History (A*), Maths (B), Biology (B)

    GCSE's: A*'s in History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French and Religious Education. A's in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Geography, IT.
    Cricket (of course) and Squash and reading

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