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  1. hey dude, do you want to be subbed and use the shout box in the back room as a subscriber? I can give you the credits if you so desire PM me if you're interested.
  2. i agree with your points in the self esteem thread.
  3. Homer, Hesiod and Hecataeus of Miletus once believed the earth was flat and no doubt people quoted their theories as truth. And look what happened there. For someone who preaches so much about good arguments, you should know that stating a person's opinion (also, it helps to be a bit more specific than "this is the work of some random world renowned PTs who I consistently fail to name") doesn't automatically win you the argument. If that were the case, people wouldn't have arguments, would they?

    Anyway, like I said, goodbye Mazty. You're boring me now... And speaking of ego, feel free to have the last word - I think yours needs boosting more than mine.
  4. Goodbye Mazty. You're like a broken record with only one argument that you're not willing to, or can't, expand. It's really boring. Just to let you know, that research consistutes a lot more than reading a book; you actually have to be able to use that research in your own way to make it worthwhile. I get the impression that you're actually just repeating someone else's words because you think it makes you sound clever.
  5. My point about Kelly Dorfman was not anything to do with her specialism, but that my aunt could be the best nutrionist in the world, and your personal trainers and "research" would still beat her. Get the sarcasm, my friend.
  6. Well researched.... My point still stands.
  7. My aunt could be Kelly Dorfman, and your "leading personal trainers and nutritionists" would still own her wouldn't they?
  8. Where women carry fat is hugely dependent on the individual. Look around you - two women who have similar frames and eat similar diets won't necessarily look the same.... one might carry the fat around her stomach, another around her hips. I happen to be one of the latter.

    I assure you my diet has very few carbs in it. Perhaps then I'm one of your scientific anomalies.

    Please don't bother replying. I'm rather fed up of this discussion - clearly we're never going to agree and I have better things to do...... like eating some chocolate. :cookie:
  9. So, a little bit of advice for you. Stop being so narrow-minded, there's more to life than looking perfect and although a good diet and regular exercise is important, putting 10 times more effort in to have a slightly more toned bum or a washboard stomach is worthless, when you could be spending time doing things you enjoy or heaven forbid... eating a burger!!
  10. Correct, and that advice was much appreciated. Any further advice - or more like condemnation - on my body or my views are not invited...

    In short, you're right. I exercise 5 days per week of both cardio and weight-training and I eat a healthy diet. Although I'm not at my maximum fitness at the moment due to my knee injury, I plan on being shortly. But, as I said previously, my love handles (and seriously, I think you're overestimating how big they actually are) have always been with me, even when I was training daily for my local swim team. And whilst I'm doing that amount of exercise, a little bit of fat on my hips really doesn't bother me and I'd rather keep a little bit of shape than have a boyish figure, which I otherwise would have because my hips aren't especially wide.

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