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  1. cool, good for you.
    i'm afraid to say I never felt a need to research you. I just saw you make a post about background checks and wanted to know if it's worth me getting a copy of mine. No matter what your job title is, you're not a big shot if you're still a keen member of tsr and it takes you all of 5 minutes to reply to a message. keep trying.
  2. Hi,

    I saw you used to work for a background check agency and was just wondering what the report that goes back to the employers is like?
    Is it just a "everything was as stated on the form, references good etc." or is it a detailed break-down of everything, like reproducing their cv?


  3. Hi Ben,

    A friend of mine worked at your hedge fund for a week and I wanted to know whether you would have any vacancies over the summer for myself. I hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hi PB,

    I remember reading a while ago that you used to do some work for a background checking agency, and was hoping to reach out to you for some advice.

    I have previously signed a FT contract with a BB (starting in Jul 2011) in Asia, but now plans to withdraw from this contract, and instead do a summer internship with a London firm instead.

    Will the background check agency find out that I withdrew from the FT role from the bank in Asia (i.e. what's the process used by the background check agency). If indeed found out, will the agency communicate this with the London firm. And if so, will the London firm withdraw the internship offer as a result.

    The reason I'm withdrawing a FT offer for an internship is due to personal circumstances. Appreciate any kind input!


  5. Hi President_Ben....

    i saw in a early post by you that you said, go and download risk manager by Chrisholm Roth, do you know where i could download this?

  6. get a life. lol compute nerd.
  7. no a legend!
  8. can i just say you're brilliant

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