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  1. Oh, and how was the interview?
  2. Ah, that was a fail of me :facepalm: Of course you won't get lost

    Why thank you

    That thing about revision confused me a bit..
  3. :woo: Good luck! You'll be brilliant! :awesome: I think you'll make a great teacher

    You going for primary or secondary (or undecided)?

    I have an exam tomorrow :erm:
  4. Yay good. Thanks for all the tips

    :eek: Good luck! Is it an interview for getting onto the course then?
    (assuming you won't answer anyway )
  5. Published them all Gonna be rash and try to build up a surplus as I go along, try and get it going soon as possible.
  6. All good suggestions. I'll have to look into it a bit more and see what I feel like. Thanks

    Hmm, I think I'll put up one or two more and that'll leave me one or two spare. I expect to do some cooking on thursday so should have more post(s) from that.
  7. Thanks

    I'm gonna need ideas for more mathsy things to add in actually, the main thing I was thinking of was the ratios aspect, I'm not sure what other things I can use... Ideas welcome

    PS - I have a few more posts ready, do you think I should put more up soon, or wait and post regularly even though it'll be boringly empty at first?
  8. Tis a good plan. I've set up the name, so I'll prepare some and then get it up and running
  9. Oh I see. Do you mean have more than one entry ready so I post more than one immediately, or so I don't run out too quickly?

    Ooh thanks for the site, it's good

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    dungeonkeepr :P
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    University of Southampton
    I like guys.
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    About me
    um, well me. Dislike interrupting, sarcastic, apparently quiet when first met, then loud enough after that that my friends dispute the people who say I'm quiet :P I really care about my friends, love my degree subject (econ), not so much the actual work, but I try, mostly :P I want to be a maths teacher Um, yeah, feel free to pm me (if you've already got this far and are minorly stalking me, you may as well :P)
    Academic Info
    ABBBa in: Maths, Economics, F.Maths, Critical Thinking, Physics. Respectively.
    Currently Economics undergrad at Southampton uni, with a couple modules of AS type German in first year. Hopefully start my PGCE secondary maths at Southbank uni in September.
    I am interested in waaay too much, so that I never get around to in depth knowledge.

    But: Nintendo, economics, horses, german, graphic novels (DC and vertigo), cooking, rock music, computers.

    *disclaimer, I only appear to know a lot about these things if you don't know very much :P

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