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  1. Hey! I saw that you did Edexcel Spanish for A2; did you do pan's labyrinth?
  2. I repped ya for replying to a thread I made 3 years ago asking whether I should drop english literature. Thanks for helping me make the right decision :]
  3. hi, how are you?
  4. My final University exams are going on. Have Psycho tomorrow. It gets over on 2 April. so there's a very very long waiting period ahead.
    Were you born and brought up in UK?
  5. Are your exams over?
  6. what do your relatives attending FC study? just curiosity. I myt know one of em. though i guess none wud be a firstie.
  7. Umm, are you an indian? Cz u hav a lot of relatives in here!
    I'm in Fergusson College.
    Great! Thanks for sharing the experience. I'm looking forward to the academic year.
  8. Oh thats really great! Where exactly does your family stay in Pune? Actually my mum n dad stay in Mumbai but I got to a college in Pune. I stay alone at our place here. My parents keep visiting in between. ( jus a two hour drive)
    haha... true! though I've never really had any relative in any of the schools i studied in. from kindergarten till 12th grade, i've been in four different schools!
    oh Sheffield! my friend is studying Econ+Maths in Sheffield Uni.
    here's the link-
    its a really fun website!
    there's also a durhamstudent website... the more i've been finding out about durham, the more i'm liking it! in fact, i believe we're gonna be at the coolest college of the coolest uni!! so what if couldnt make it to Ox? durham is right after oxbridge! ( acc to sunday times guide)
    my subjects are - compulsory english, optional english, sociology, politics, economics, psychology. we have specialization from the second year..
    what are your subjects?
    and please do tell me bout the open day you'll soon attend!
  9. India. Pune, to be precise.
    Well, I will be on my own but then I have a few friends studying there. One of 'em is most likely to be doing his Masters in LSE when our term begins. Another one is currently on a gap year, working in swindon. She stays in London though. And a distant relative stays in London too, I guess. Then there's a high school friend who left the school in 10th standard and went to live in Jersey. But I have no idea bout his current whereabouts.
    So where from in UK are you? Have you checked out the Collingwood JCR website? The general routine of an Arts student is soo chilled out!(though a bit too lazy, i would say) And the website itself is so welcoming, interesting and fun, I can only imagine what it would actually be like! :-D
    Is Durham more of a countryside?
  10. No, I wont be able to since i'm an international. Visa n the procedures wud take ages. but i wud've loved to!
    Please do share your experiences after you've been there! in a way its good that i wont be attending, cz then i wudnt be able to wait till the september end to actually start studyin there!!
    I'm so happy that i know someone who's gonna be on d same course, in d same college as me! kinda eases nervousness and anxiety!

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