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  1. Those threads are ****ing everywhere as well. You can't browse a single page of the debates forum without some whiny MRA complaining about how white males are the most oppressed group ever. "Here's how gender roles hurt men. My solution is stricter gender roles." It's just like an endless buffeting storm of idiocy.

    Also I just saw that you study Viking Studies - that's ****ing awesome! I'm personally really fascinated by the Vikings and their societies, as well as Old English and Icelandic - I actually did my extended project on the Christian and Pagan influences in Old English literature!
  2. Just wanted to say that this post of yours is probably one of the top 3 best posts I've seen on this website.
  3. Hey, just wanted to say how great your posts are! It's nice to see someone putting the trolls in their place
  4. Hi, could you do my survey please
  5. Thanks for the rep. Have a great day.
  6. It's funny, because my history on here is campaigning against Page 3, endless dogfights with sexist morons, etc, etc. There should be some kind of ID card we all wear that defines your politics in a nutshell, lol.

    You're at Nottingham? Have you done your finals?
  7. Alas, it does seem as though you have to put a big IRONY marker against things that are plainly ironic.
  8. I read your post on Treeroy's thread and wanted to reply to you with this- Treeroy is gay so I think part of the ******* is that he never has to deal with female sexuality, and thus he has 0 empathy with women and how they view sex. (Potentially offensive to homosexuals-) He's probably involved in (from what i've read of his posts) 'the gay lifestyle' of extremely easy free and casual sex, and looks at straight relationships as something inferior due to limited understanding.
    So basically, don't be taken down by his crap. He is an ignorant fool.
  9. Clear yo' inbox plz! :ahee:
  10. Thanks, you too! Awesome, look forward to seeing it!

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