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  1. Your avatar is unbelievable :lol:
  2. u mad?
  3. Thanks for replying, I appreciate the advice you have given. What type of things do you learn in a psychology degree? Did you also pick English as an a-level? because i was thinking about doing psychology, biology and maths (or statistics depending on the college/sixthform I get accepted at) - and maybe English, but i actually hate English and doubt I'd be able to do good at A-level. I'm doing my GCSEs now and I am actually finding it difficult to cope with just GCSEs and I have no idea how I would be able to do it for a-level, do you have any tips on how to revise also? Oh, and also what type of people studied it with you as in grade wise and subjects they did @ alevel? (sorry for bombarding you with questions, but I seriously don't know what to do). You also said you was an assistant researcher and psychologist- is that because you need to do an extra degree to become the official? and if you don't mind, what type of salary are you getting? (you don't need to answer this question, as i am aware it is personal - but curiosity, sorry)
  4. dunno Ally, but it's a cute avatar.

    Also, tehforum has the sexface as an avatar.
  5. Hi, i was creeping on some questions and you said you had done a psychology degree? can you just give me a general summary on how it is like and how hard it is etc? also what a-level subjects are best to? oh and the general gcses grades most candidates have? haha sorry im so worried about my future i cant deal. Thank anyways
  6. dat avatar. Also crazypaving
  7. Hi aliluvschocolate !
  8. you the man now, dog!

    'kin hell, so much reading to do. Not the time to have a cold! :emo:
  9. " I managed to get a first class degree through working through the material they'd put on the Internet."

    my dawg :sexface:
  10. Hi AliLuvsChocolate

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